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Modern civilization and technologies we have been enjoying are the result of efforts and dedication of someone who has dreamt of a better world. And now, there will be someone in the world who is committing him or herself to build a future world. Woorin Corporation is making more efforts than anyone else in leading to develop technologies for a better future world and happiness for mankind and would like to keep moving with “our spirit of enthusiastic creativity.”

Greetings from our CEO

My sincere greetings to all.
Woorin Corporation’s management philosophy is to provide the world with a completely new value based on our creative thinking and technological expertise.
It is my belief that technologies for “a better future world and happiness for mankind” is not just tracking back on our past technologies but continuously developing and creating new technologies. To this end, the staff of Woorin Corporation, all of which are experts in their own field, will not satisfy or be complacent over our past achievements or technological expertise, but instead will be endlessly thinking about technologies needed for the future and exchanging new ideas with each other to research, design, and realize technologies to provide our customers with the best value as “The Best Value Provider” and become a creative developer of advanced technologies.


“Woorin” stands for

We are with one mind” in Korean

“Woorin” stands for “We are with one mind” in Korean. The white color in the letters of our CI means creativity, and the background red color means passion. Woorin Corporation, aiming to endlessly challenge and realize “a better future world and happiness for mankind” with one mind based on our spirit of passion and creativity, will do our best to achieve our goal every single day.



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