Expert company who leads convergence technology of advanced nano materials and semiconductors

One lesson from long time experience in the field of IT electronics and advanced semiconductors is that while exteriors and functions have been fancier than ever, the reality is that core parts are still relying on foreign products due to a lack of new technology and additional investment   While local businesses have been making their utmost efforts for common growth as defending our key technologies, technologies of semiconductors and circuits are not our exclusive properties any more as we are facing challenges from existing and emerging competitors. It is now common to see new foreign high-tech technologies and products superior to domestic technologies being released more often than ever.

In this regard, I believed that true technology is the convergence of “advanced materials and parts” and “creative ideas,” which drove me to establish Woorin Corporation and embark on my challenges with my commitment to making the world’s best product as never achieved before.

“Wekey” keyboard, which was released in May 2015, is a compilation of the professional technologies of our laboratory based on its technologies and experience for 22 years. Though still a small startup venture, we want to remain proud of Korean technology based on our technological prowess and passion.  Woorin Corporation will continue to make creative and innovative products based on our convergence technology of advanced nano materials and semiconductors with customer values as our first priority and will keep up our efforts without giving up until we stand out on the world stage.

Your warm support for Woorin Corporation is highly appreciated.

Woorin Corporation succeeded in developing FSR (Force Sensing Register) through domestic technology based on material technology converged with advanced nano technology, which has relied on foreign materials, and possesses printing-type switching technology that is easier to apply to wearable devices as well as keyboards.

Using our piezoelectric nano technology makes it possible for complex and difficult-to-perform circuit technology for printing to be applicable for regular films or artificial fabrics. Currently, we applied the technology to our “Wekey” keyboard on sales and plan to further apply it to various high technologies such as 3D touchpad, ultra-thin film piezoelectric sensors, and wearable switching.

For the future IT technology represented by the networking of all devices and information sharing, the first priority is to make all devices lighter and slimmer. Our own technologies, including FSR P-sensor, are not just limited to keyboards, but are also convergent applied technologies of nano materials and semiconductors that can be converged or linked with other devices and applicable to future human wearable devices.

Woorin Corporation is a company not only proud of its technology but also capable of efficient mass production and marketization of products that our customers need. We always study how to predict, design, and realize technologies that can be a key for the future and have established a thorough quality assurance and A/S system for customer satisfaction. Through all of this, it is certain that Woorin Corporation will provide our B2B and B2C customers with the best values.

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